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Records submitted in the last 31 days, most recent first. Amber indicates scarce, bold red indicates a description is needed for verification at county or national level, green indicates category D (reasonable doubt of natural occurrence) or category E (escapes or non-sustaining introductions).


Sun 13 June 2021

07:00 to 14:00
A gloriously warm and sunny day with a light SW Breeze

1 Marsh Warbler (An energetic and skulking songster exploding melodies from concealment but giving tantalising glimpses from within the reeds low down in a ditch at the east end of the new NWT field at the Quags. ) ,

1 Cuckoo (Flew over Walsey Hills calling noisily) ,

1 Stonechat (Newly fledged bird on fence south of Babcock Hide) ,

1 Wood Sandpiper (Good find reported by M Boyd of a bird on the Serpentine PM) ,

1 Little Gull (1st summer loafing around Pats Pool) ,

2 Little Ringed Plover (Serpentine) ,

1 Great White Egret (Imm/Non-breeder flew in to reserve early PM) ,

1 Hobby (At least one seen several times late morning/early PM) ,

3 Spoonbill (On Simmonds late AM) ,

[David Griffiths]

Sun 13 June 2021

Salthouse Heath
morning visit

1 Buzzard ,

1 Cuckoo ,

4 Long-tailed Tit ,

4 Chiffchaff ,

6 Willow Warbler ,

8 Yellowhammer ,

[Steve Hale]

Sat 12 June 2021

Cley 10Km Square
08:00 to 16:10
Seawatch am. KWM pm

1 Crane (Eyes to the Sky, shout from EM, Crane over Iron Road. Instantly picked up from BH. Mobbed by dozen or so Avocett, latterly Shelduck. Stoofed West then East circling high over Reserve, VC , Wiveton before drifting high off West. Always an exciting experience. 🥳🥳) ,

1 Mediterranean Gull (1st Sum through West offshore.) ,

1 Kittiwake (Ad close inshore West.) ,

5 Fulmar (West. One crushingly close overhead inspecting shoreline around BH. Magnificent ☄️☄️) ,

1 Marsh Warbler (Frustratingly elusive as most are. But…everyone is unique, a dawn chorus condensed into a single bird. Truly remarkable deja-vu of Central Worcs and Dungeness. Also, several 🤗 stonking performers in the Square.) ,

1 Curlew (Single powering through over Freshes. 🤔🤔) ,

[Graham Fellows]

Fri 11 June 2021

Walsey Hills
08:30 to 10:40

1 Whitethroat ,

1 Cuckoo (Male in pines at south end of North Foreland wood) ,

2 Lesser Whitethroat (At east end of hills towards main road. Busy taking food into the undergrowth.) ,

[John Fairey]

Fri 11 June 2021

Cley Marshes
08:00 to 10:30

1 Puffin (Offshore BH, ‘Whirring’ East. Only Aukses seen. Could be same Ad from earlier in week still foraging out there.🤔🤔) ,

1 Spoonbill (Ad with a ‘bad hair day’, Simmond’s, doing what they do best…sleeping🤣🤣) ,

1 Great White Egret (High, West over North Foreland.) ,

6 Grey Plover (Offshore. Bunch breaking West.) ,

2 Arctic Tern (Offshore. Another four Tern session, West) ,

1 Gannet (Single Ad, East.) ,

6 Fulmar (All East.) ,

1 Curlew (Single beating West) ,

[Graham Fellows]

Fri 11 June 2021

Kelling WM
morning visit

2 Egyptian Goose ,

2 Gadwall ,

1 Lapwing ,

1 Lesser Whitethroat ,

2 Chiffchaff ,

3 Blackcap ,

[Steve Hale]

Thu 10 June 2021

Blakeney GM
08:30 to 10:35
Sun&cloud /20c/sw20

2 Bittern (Booming bird in Great Barnett reeds, whilst 2nd bird sky pointing, then flew se to Central Reed area @ 09.50.) ,

1 Arctic Tern (Over Little Barnett Pool. ) ,

1 Cuckoo ,

[Richard Burton]

Thu 10 June 2021

Cley Marshes
08:00 to 10:30

1 British Yellow Wagtail (♀️, fence line rear of Swan Lake.) ,

2 Short-eared Owl (East.) ,

1 Arctic Tern (West, over Swan Lake) ,

1 Red-throated Diver (Hunch-backed head tossing through West, offshore.) ,

4 Great Crested Grebe (Single then trio, West.) ,

5 Kittiwake (Trickle West) ,

4 Fulmar (Singles plus duo, West. Great when you can see their eye colour.) ,

1 Great White Egret (Plopped into Richardson’s, pm.) ,

4 Dark-bellied Brent Goose (On a jolly, East.) ,

[Graham Fellows]

Wed 09 June 2021

Kelling WM
midday visit

2 Buzzard ,

1 Cuckoo (near the AA guns) ,

5 Sedge Warbler ,

2 Lesser Whitethroat ,

16 Linnet ,

[Steve Hale]

Wed 09 June 2021

Kelling (sea)
midday visit, cloudless sky and full sun

12 Sandwich Tern ,

[Steve Hale]

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