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Members' Articles

Changes in numbers of ducks and waders in the Cley Square

By: David Wileman

This article, first loaded in 2013, has now been updated to include the period up to 2019. It shows how the numbers of ducks and waders counted on the local WeBS counts change through the year and have changed over the years since 2000.

Download ‘200517 Changes in numbers of waterbirds.pdf'

An Atlas of the plants of Blakeney Point

By: Richard Porter - March 2013

Richard Porter, has over the course of several years, accurately recorded the plants of Blakeney Point. This is a truly remarkable piece of work which he is kindly sharing with visitors to this site.

Downloads ‘Blakeney Point Plant Check-list @August 2017.RFP.pdf ‘

Check List of the Plants of Blakeney Point

By: Richard Porter (August 2017)

Since producing the ‘Atlas’ of the plants of Blakeney Point, Richard Porter has maintained a checklist of species that have been recorded since records were first kept. The latest version can be downloaded below (and the ‘Atlas’ below that). To date (2017) the list stands at 301 and Richard is always keen to learn of any new species, so if you have made an interesting discovery please contact him:

Download ‘Blakeney Point Plant Check-list @August 2017.RFP.pdf’

Little Egret Roost Count September 2016


In addition to standard WeBS counts, a coordinated count of all Little Egret roosts along the North Norfolk Coast was carried out on the evening of September 24th. Data has shown that WeBS normally significantly under counts the numbers using the coast. Previous counts have shown the best way to monitor this population is by a series of roost counts, the most recent of which was carried out by John Williamson in 2015. The total was 524, considerably more than anticipated and substantially more than is normally counted by a standard WeBS count.

Neil Lawton, who organised this count, is keen to receive details of other roosts around the county. If you know of any please email him at

Download ‘Little egret roost count 2016-09-24.pdf’

Wheatears have returned to breed at Weybourne

By: Moss Taylor

This welcome news is elaborated upon in this article.

Download ‘Wheatears breeding on Weybourne Camp.pdf’