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Records submitted in the last 31 days, most recent first. Amber indicates scarce, bold red indicates a description is needed for verification at county or national level, green indicates category D (reasonable doubt of natural occurrence) or category E (escapes or non-sustaining introductions).


Sat 10 April 2021

Blakeney GM
11:23 to 12:00
Cloud /8c/ene20

1 Spoonbill (Flew in from west, landed on Great Barnett, then flew off west again @ 12.00.) ,

1 Sedge Warbler (Aerial song display, off Cart Track ) ,

[Richard Burton]

Fri 09 April 2021

15:55 to 16:00

1 Barn Owl (Casper flew into nest site. Long time no see.) ,

[David Fell]

Fri 09 April 2021

Cley Marshes
13:30 to 14:00
Cold and grey

1 Grey Phalarope (Feeding in pool beside beach road Cley) ,

[PaulJan Williams]

Fri 09 April 2021

Cley Marshes
12:30 to 13:00
Cold and grey

1 Peregrine Falcon (Flew over Arnold's Marsh and settled in field behind the sea pool) ,

[PaulJan Williams]

Fri 09 April 2021

11:30 to 12:30
Cold and grey

3 Wheatear (2 x female, 1 x male) ,

[PaulJan Williams]

Fri 09 April 2021

Cley Marshes
07:40 to 09:00

4 Sandwich Tern (Arnold's Marsh) ,

1 Mediterranean Gull (west) ,

3 Whimbrel (Arnold's Marsh then west) ,

3 Swallow (west) ,

1 Sedge Warbler (singing by Don's Pool) ,

[Peter & Sue Morrison]

Fri 09 April 2021

Cley 10Km Square
07:00 to 11:00
Cold westerly wind, generally cloudy with some bright and warmer patches

c.200 Linnet (West over Blakeney Ridge) ,

c.3 Shore Lark (Shingle Ridge west of Halfway House) ,

20 Dunlin (West along beach, some in breeding plumage) ,

1 Rook (West way out to sea) ,

1 Grey Phalarope (On Beach Pool again on my return from the point. Note though as not on the pool at 07:00 and a claim by another observer of 2 on the sea earlier in the morning ) ,

2 Little Ringed Plover (Initially on Eye Pool then Beach Pool) ,

2 White wagtail (alba) (Beach Pool) ,

2 Raven (An excellent pickup by GF of two birds flying along above or near the main road, heading west.) ,

[David Griffiths]

Fri 09 April 2021

Cley Marshes

1 Bittern (booming all night last night) ,

2 British Yellow Wagtail (males flew west together across Eye Field) ,

1 Grey Phalarope (still on Eye Field Pool) ,

1 Willow Warbler (in song at Walsey Hills) ,

1 Sedge Warbler (in song opposite Walsey Hills) ,

[Steve Gantlett]

Fri 09 April 2021

Kelling WM

27 Shoveler (Numbers continue to edge up) ,

[Steve Hale]

Thu 08 April 2021

11:00 to 11:30
Low Tide

1 Greenshank (Almost full summer plumage) ,

[John Dicks]

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