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Records submitted in the last 31 days, most recent first. Amber indicates scarce, bold red indicates a description is needed for verification at county or national level, green indicates category D (reasonable doubt of natural occurrence) or category E (escapes or non-sustaining introductions).


Thu 08 April 2021

15:10 to 15:20

1 Ringed Plover (In field east of Beach road) ,

1 White wagtail (alba) (In field east of Beach road) ,

2 Pied Wagtail (In field east of Beach road) ,

[Tony Moverley]

Thu 08 April 2021

Cley Marshes
15:00 to 15:05

1 Grey Phalarope (In Eye field pool) ,

3 Linnet (Eye field) ,

2 Meadow Pipit (Eye field) ,

7 Brent Goose (Flying over Eye field) ,

2 Swallow (Flying south over Eye field) ,

[Tony Moverley]

Thu 08 April 2021

Cley Marshes

1 Grey Phalarope (still on Eye Field Pool) ,

1 Great White Egret (west of West Bank) ,

1 Bittern (booming again in evening) ,

[Steve Gantlett]

Thu 08 April 2021

Kelling WM
Morning visit, winds south-westerly and not so strong

23 Shoveler (numbers on the rise over last week or so) ,

4 Avocet ,

2 Oystercatcher ,

5 Curlew ,

1 Sparrowhawk ,

3 Chiffchaff ,

[Steve Hale]

Wed 07 April 2021

Cley Marshes
10:30 to 11:00
Cold north wind

1 Grey Phalarope (Not spinning but frantic feeding, pool by coastguards) ,

1 Marsh Harrier ,

1 Redshank ,

[Mick Roe]

Wed 07 April 2021

Cley Village
10:00 to 10:05
Cold but sunny

1 Barn Owl (leucistic Barn Owl seen in field just past 3 Swallows pub on left hand side as heading towards Cley Village) ,

[Neil Senior]

Wed 07 April 2021

Cley Marshes
07:45 to 16:30
Winds from west, gusting. Dry and sunny, clouds scudding through at pace

1 Iceland Gull (Treated to a lengthy feeding display opposite the coastguards lookout. Foraging with other gull species) ,

1 Great Northern Diver (East early morning) ,

3 Eider (Male and 2 female east) ,

4 Gannet (West) ,

40 Dunlin (East) ,

1 Grey Phalarope (Present throughout the day, mostly on the Beach Pool but a foray or two out to sea briefly. A frantic feeder rarely staying still. ) ,

4 Kittiwake (Off CG including protracted feeding in the surf) ,

1 Red Kite (West over reserve) ,

[David Griffiths]

Wed 07 April 2021

Cley Marshes

1 Grey Phalarope (Still on Eye Field Pool) ,

[Steve Gantlett]

Tue 06 April 2021

Cley Marshes
17:10 to 17:28
Gale force NW wind, sunny at time of observation.

1 Grey Phalarope (Reported pre 17:00 by unknown observer ? RJ. Cracking views of the bird spinning around and feeding busily on the Beach Pool - off Beach Rd south of NWT Beach Carpark) ,

[David Griffiths]

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