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Interesting birds seen in the last 5 days, most recent first. Amber indicates local or uncommon, bold red indicates a description is needed for verification at county or national level.

SpeciesMax. CountLocationLast Reported
Woodcock1Cley/Salthouse map for Cley/Salthouse
There is no map for Cley/Salthouse

About Cley/Salthouse
This covers the coastal marshes between Cley and Salthouse and is made up of these two sites combined. It should only be used when sightings were made walking between the two and they cannot be separated.
Tundra Bean Goose1Outside the Square map for Outside the Square
There is no map for Outside the Square

About Outside the Square
Use this to record any sightings from your gardens outside of the Cley Square during the Covid-19 shut down. Please put you village name in the 'conditions' line.

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