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Can you, or have you written, an article related to local wildlife or conservation which you think would be of interest to other members of the CBC? If so, please submit it giving a short summary which will be shown, together with your name, on this page and attach the document to an email to the Web Administrator.


Members' Articles

Stonechat Colour-Ringing Project – Kelling Heath

By: Noel Elms

This report explains the purpose of the author in undertaking a project to colour ring Stonechats breeding on Kelling Heath, details the number of Stonechats ringed during 2009 to 2012 inclusive and gives the author’s conclusions after attempting to identify the adults trapped to sub-species level.

Download ‘Stonechat colour-ring Project.pdf'

‘Legal Eagle’ Articles


Three articles from the RSPB’s wildlife crime magazine have been placed on the site following a fascinating recent talk to CBC members on the subject. Click the articles below to read them:

Download 'Legal Eagle - Wildlife Crime.pdf'
Download 'Legal Eagle - Not PC.pdf’
Download 'Legal Eagle - gonshaw.pdf'

A Cautionary Tale

By: Noel Elms

An interesting example of what can happen if you don’t watch where you are walking! Worth everyone reading.

Download 'A Cautioary Tale.pdf'

Stonechat Site Fidelity

By: Noel Elms

A short article about another interesting fact Noel has discovered from his ringing program.

Download 'Stonechat Site Fidelity.pdf'

A Cley Bird Club website poem

By: Martin Woodcock

Martin has kindly submitted a poem about a visit he made to a rarity on Blakeney Point. It’ll make you smile!

Download 'CBC website poem.pdf’