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    Hi Cley Bird  Forum,

    I have to admit to being supportive of the Roy Dennis Foundation’s work, and I’m an admirer of Roy Dennis’s outstanding career – in awe of his determination and achievements would not be putting it too highly

    However, I do find the analysis by David Appleton logical, comprehensive and compelling in questioning the ecological basis for the issue of a licence by Natural England for this this particular project at Wild Ken Hill.

    In the sub-regional context of North Norfolk, particularly keeping in mind the national importance of the tern breeding colonies at Scolt Head and Blakeney Point National Nature Reserves, the licensing of this project is surely too risky to go ahead and should quickly be reviewed by Natural England, with explicit reasons for the outcome being made public well before the 2022 cohort of eagle chicks might become available.  The precautionary principle surely rules here:   it looks to me that there has been insufficient research to allow this project to start in 2022, and the licence appears flawed and probably open to legal challenge.

    I continue to wish the Isle of Wight project much success, but the possible negative impact of a parallel translocation project in Norfolk outweighs its merits.  Incidentally,  as a member of both Norfolk and Suffolk Wildlife Trusts,  I do support the idea of an Osprey chick translocation to the Suffolk estuaries area, utilising any surplus from the Rutland Water population.

    Graham White, Martlesham Heath, Suffolk


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