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      On the  My Sightings page , Edit doesn’t work.   We will get this looked into after Easter. UPDATE – NOW FIXED

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      Some people are having problems with entering times in Add a Sighting screen, especially on Ipads

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      Steve GantlettSteve Gantlett

      Is it possible to DELETE one of one’s Forum comments?


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        Editing of Forum entries is now be working.

        I don’t think you can delete a reply yourself, although I may be able to do it for you, but will look into this further.

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      Steve GantlettSteve Gantlett

      In the Photo Gallery, there are no Captions

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        We cannot currently display any captions on photos but do plan to look into creating a much better galley in the future.

        In the meantime when you click on a photo in the gallery the file name that was given to the photo by the person who uploaded it is shown in the url bar on your browser.  If people put the species name and any other information they like, e.g. their name, on the file before uploading it this will show.

        When attaching a photo, if you want information displayed, please amend the file name accordingly.

        The Photo Gallery can be accessed from the Records tab / Photo Gallery or at the bottom of the Home Page.

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      Steve HaleSteve Hale

      ‘Edit’ is still not working for me (5/4/21 at 12.30pm), I am trying to add a photo to an earlier posted sighting

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        The problem with Editing Sightings will be looked into after the Easter break.  NOW WORKING.

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      EDIT SIGHTINGS NOW WORKS  – please try it again

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      Steve GantlettSteve Gantlett

      EDIT SIGHTINGS delete still don’t work for me. I’ve tried three times deleting my duplicate sightings dated 31st March; they delete but, whether I leave one behind or not, they all come back when I click update.


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        There are various issues with Edit Sightings which had been fixed but have now returned, The ones we know of are:

        i) Cannot add additional photos

        ii) Cannot add a single photo to a sighting to an existing record

        iii) Deleting a single species record doesn’t work

        We hope to get these fixed soon and will post when here it is done.

        If, in the meantime, you have any sightings you want deleted please contact us and we will delete them for you.

        If you find any more problems on the Edit Sightings page please do add them here.


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        The above issues are NOW FIXED but we have now found you cannot delete a photo at all other than by deleting the whole species record from the sighting.  We are awaiting feedback from the developers on this.

        Watch this space for updates.

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        EDIT SIGHTINGS IS NOW WORKING.  You can add and delete individual species rows, delete photos and add multiple photos.   See How TO ADD MULTIPLE PHOTOS elsewhere on this forum for instructions.

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      Steve GantlettSteve Gantlett

      Someone else reporting PAYPAL BUTTON will not connect.

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        This is a problem with PayPal being slow to complete the set up of our account.  Should be OK in a few days time.  We have added a note about this on the membership page.

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      Steve HaleSteve Hale

      A problem I met with the ‘Edit’ sightings page yesterday 25 April:

      1. I successfully edited my Lesser Whitethroat entry from 1 bird to 2 birds with no problems.

      2. However, by doing this, it removed the Black-tailed Godwit and Common Sandpiper pics I had previously attached and posted.

      3. I cannot re-attach these pics at all now.

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        Sorry for this, Steve, I will add this to the things to check when we get a fix.  In the meantime please keep a note of what you need to alter/add so you can do it later.

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