Wiveton & Glandford

These two villages lie on the River Glaven. Rising from tiny headwaters near Bodham it descends wooded hills of glacial debris and passes through lush countryside and picturesque flint villages, before flowing into Blakeney Harbour. Within our area it passes through the Bayfield Estate forming the lake and then continues via Glandford Ford towards Cley where it flows under the A149 at the sluice just west of Cley. The meadows alongside it sometimes flood in winter.

Bayfield Lake is always worth a look for ducks and the trees in the area hold flocks of Siskin, Redpoll and Brambling in winter.
Grey Wagtails can often be found in the river near Natural Surroundings and the feeders there are the best place in the Square to find Nuthatch. At Glandford Ford a footbridge crosses the river which is another place to look for Grey Wagtails. Continuing north along the road towards Cley there is a small Poplar plantation which is always worth checking, it used to be a regular place for Nightingale but, alas, no longer. Alongside the river there are wet meadows.

Bayfield Bird Walk is a 3.3mile walk through woodland and the Bayfield estate starting near Cley Spy and Birdscapes Gallery where you can park. Download a map of the walk.

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