Salthouse Marshes

The area north of the A149 forms an eastward continuation of the grazing marshes of Cley and much of it is owned or managed by the NWT. Unfortunately, following the tidal surge of December 2013 the Beach car park no longer exists but there is limited parking on Beach Rd. South of the A149 there are arable fields stretching up to the ridge between Walsey Hills, Sarbury Hill and Salthouse village.

Little Eye is a small hill to the west of Beach Rd. It is rough grass with shrubs and some old bunkers.

Gramborough Hill, to the east of the Beach Rd., is another grassy area with some small trees and shrubs. The north side of this forms a sandy cliff where Sand Martins nest. This is a good place to look for migrants in spring and autumn.

The Duck Pond beside the A149 at the east end of the village holds many ‘feral’ Mallards and a pair of Mute Swans which produce cygnets most years. It attracts gulls in winter with a few, identifiable by colour-rings, that return each winter. The pools to the north of this hold many waders including breeding Avocets.