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Frederic LandesFrederic Landes

Thank you so much, Kath & Mick Claydon, for the quick reply and the enlightening about badgers roaming along our coast. It was a shock for us as we never had one visiting our garden before. Amongst many birds, we also have muntjacs almost daily, many rabbits, once a polecat, hedgehogs, grey squirrels, stoats (seen rarely) and cats.

The shelduck male was here again this morning. Hopefully, he’ll soon realise that he has to look for another mate and maybe bring her back here next year… or not!

The video of the successful release of the 13 ducklings of the first female on 12th June is also on my YouTube channel. We assume that it is the same female that already nested succesfully here in 2020 and 2021.

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