Cley Bird Club (CBC) Data Protection policy

The EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which comes into effect on May 25th 2018, means that we at CBC must inform you of how we use and store your personal data (although without providing CBC with your personal data we are unable to provide you with membership!) It does not matter whether we record your information on paper or a computer this amendment to the Act will still apply.

When you initially join CBC you complete a membership form with the personal information you would like us to have access to. This information is entered onto the membership secretary’s personal computer which is virus and password protected.

No one but the membership secretary has a full record of your details, which you can request a copy of at any time. The website administrator has limited access to the area of our website ( where your name and email address are recorded but access to this information is only available to a CBC website administrator.

It is obviously necessary for CBC to use your postal address to deliver your CBC newsletter.

Your email address is required for you to access our ‘members only’ area of the website, enter any bird sightings in the Cley area or use the forum area of the website. We also use your email address to inform you of the publication of the newsletter and up and coming events that may be of interest to you as a CBC member.

When you stop paying your membership subscription your details are deleted from the CBC database and our website access is updated.
Every new membership year, starting on 1st April, a new database is created and your personal information is put onto it, upon confirmation of subscription payment. Old membership data is only retained during the process of setting up the current membership year’s database.
Your information is not given to any external organisation or individual in CBC.

If at any time you wish us to delete your personal information from our database and website we will terminate your membership of CBC.
All this information is stored on a CBC memory stick so that if the membership secretary should change the database can be handed over to the new secretary. This means your information is not held on a former committee member’s computer.

The membership secretary is a volunteer and endeavours to ensure there is no conscious breach of confidentiality. They are fully aware of the contents of the new changes and the data protection act.

The CBC does not require a data protection officer due to its size.
The treasurer holds personal contact details for all advertisers within our newsletters. These advertisements appear on our website but only with the details the advertiser wishes to be published.

Our speakers have been approached through personal contacts and their information is not stored by CBC.