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Interesting birds seen in the last 5 days, most recent first. Amber indicates local or uncommon, bold red indicates a description is needed for verification at county or national level.

SpeciesMax. CountLocationLast Reported
Crane7Glandford map for Glandford
This is a map showing Glandford

About Glandford
This covers the village of Glandford and the rest of the parish of Letheringsett with Glandford that is within the TG04 Square. It includes the ford & mill, the area around Cley Spy, woodland just E of the ford, the E half of Dragaways and Bayfield Breck
Black Brant1Cley Marshes map for Cley Marshes
This is a map showing Cley Marshes

About Cley Marshes
Includes Cley and Salthouse Marshes, north of the A149 between Beach Rd Cley and Iron Rd as well as Snipe's Marsh, N Foreland Wood and the NWT Visitor Centre. TG0544

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