Our current Treasurer, Julia, who has been in the role since 2020 always said she would only do it for two years and recently confirmed that she wanted to retire from the post at the end of March 2022.  This date has now passed and although she is still helping us out, we are desperately looking for someone to take over this role.


Although it may sound like a difficult job, it is not and it doesn’t take a lot of time.  Julia reckons she spends, on average, less than half an hour a week on it with a bit more in early April (possibly 1-2 hrs a week) when all the renewals come in.

You do not need to be an accountant but do need to be comfortable with internet banking and spreadsheets to keep records although the latter could probably be done manually.

In general, it appears to be less work than managing your own bank account.


Bank statements are received each month. These need to be checked. 

A few payments need to be made each month. In total there were 40 of these in the last 12 months.  Most are done by bank transfers.  These cover items such as:

  • Printing of newsletter (3 times a year)
  • Payments to speakers at meetings (expenses or fees) and for the hall (monthly in winter months).
  • Payments of expenses to committee members.  These are generally for purchases made for the club e.g. stamps & envelopes for the newsletter, log books for the hides at Cley, seed for the feeders at Walsey and catering provisions for winter meetings.  These are all pre-agreed.
  • Regular payments for hosting etc. of the website.

Occasionally an invoice needs to be raised to enable other bodies to pay us, such as sponsorship (currently 1 or 2 a year).

Most receipts, such as membership fees, are now direct into the bank, but occasional cheques still need to be paid in.

At the end of the year (March 31st) a statement of accounts for the year needs to be produced.  This is a simple list of ins and outs by category to show our income and expenditure during the year.  This needs to be audited but we can give help with that if needed.

Ideally the holder of this post should sit on the CBC committee and attend committee meetings (3 or 4 a year but we do occasionally have to have extra ones if major things need discussing).  They may be asked to advise the committee on the current financial position at any time, especially if some new expense is being planned, like changing the printers for the newsletter or commissioning work on the website.

As said, it is not an arduous job, but is important to the running of the club.  Julia will be willing to do a full handover and explain everything to whoever takes it on.

WE DO REALLY NEED SOMEONE URGENTLY, so if you think you could do it, PLEASE contact us at and we can talk more and arrange for you to discuss it with Julia to give you more information.