Welcome to the new CBC website

Although much of the site is available for all to explore, some areas cannot be accessed without logging in and, obviously, some pages have full access restricted to CBC members.

If you were registered on the old site and/or are a Cley Bird Club member you can log on here, but, this time, please use your email address. If you cannot remember the email you registered with, please email us telling us your name and the 2-4-character initials code you used on the old site and we will send you details.

If you were not registered before you can do so by selecting the Register link in the header.

Passwords on the new site must be at least 6 characters long and include at least one uppercase letter, one lower case letter and one number. If your old password didn’t meet this rule then you will need to reset your password. To do this click on Forgotten Password just below the Login sign. This will send you to a page where you are asked for your email. After completeing this you will receive an email with a link to allow you to set a new password.

Any sightings and photos you have entered in the past can still be found on the new site.

Most functionality is still present but some aspects of the website may look slightly different.

You can now add your sightings of mammals, butterflies and dragonflies, along with bird sightings, via the Add a Sighting page and these can be viewed on the Wildlife News Page. If you need to edit your sightings this can be done from the My Sightings page which can be accessed from the Wildlife News page.

Photographs can be attached to sightings, but only your own. If you want to add a photo you must first add a sighting. Multiple photos can be attached but only one at a time so if you want to add a second, you need to submit the sighting then go to the My Sightings page and edit the sighting, where you can add another photo. You can now also delete a photo from here if you have erroneously added the wrong one.

If you can’t work out how to do something or find a problem please ask a question on the Forum and we will try to answer it as soon as possible, or maybe someone else will.  This way any other users who may have the same question will be able to see the answer.  You may find someone else has already asked this question.  We have put a sample question on the forum to start it off.

We hope that you enjoy browsing!  If you want to leave a comment or contact us there is a Feedback link under the Admin Menu item.