Want to help terns, wildfowl and waders?

A request from the National Trust at Blakeney.

First terns. Each year the National Trust wardens the nesting terns on Blakeney Point, especially Little Terns, for which we have a National responsibility and Sandwich Terns, for which we have an International responsibility. They face several threats. Some, such as the vagaries of the weather, we can do little about. But we can help by protecting them from human disturbance to their nesting areas. The NT has a band of volunteer wardens to help with this, but we always need more. Would you be willing to join the team? If so please contact one of us to learn more.

Waders and wildfowl. This is about helping with the Wetland Bird Survey – or WeBS for short. Along with our colleagues from the Cley Bird Club and NWT, who count the Cley area, the National Trust organises the monthly counts around Blakeney Harbour, notably from the Blakeney Bank, Blakeney Point and the Stiffkey Marshes. Again we need help with those. They are usually carried out on a Friday or Monday early morning and typically take 2-3 hours.

These WeBS counts are undertaken nationally and have a history of over 60 years, though they haven’t always had that name. Each month coordinated counts are made on all inland and coastal wetlands enabling us to monitor the migrant and wintering waders and wildfowl, for which Britain has an International responsibility for many species. Knowing how they are faring is the first step to determining any necessary conservation actions.

If this strikes a chord with you – or makes you feel guilty for not helping already…….

Then do please contact Duncan Halpin, Blakeney Point Ranger
or Richard Porter, NT volunteer for more details