Covid Restrictions – NWT

The Cley Visitor Centre will re-open on 12th April but the boardwalk and all hides are currently closed. All car parks are open.

The following information was supplied by NWT

  • Visitors will enter via the main entrance, controlled by the traffic light system
  • Numbers will remain limited to 10 for entrance to the centre
  • We are expecting the car park machines to be in place imminently at the beach and centre (though no confirmed date as yet)
  • The gallery will host exhibitions from opening on 12th April
  • Cley Spy will return from 12th April, though may not be open every day
  • The terrace is intended to be fully open with previous social distancing measures in place (if we can loosen some bolts and remove a table) as well as the picnic area. Neither of these is dedicated café seating and as such will only be available for takeaway rather than table service
  • The events guide has some limited walks in place for the first period 12th April to 17th May with more events returning on 17th May
  • The beach car park will remain manned this year with David and Ritchie returning. They will have more of an engagement role following the installation of the car parking machine at the beach.
  • The hides will remain closed until 17th May at the earliest (at this stage) due to a combination of the complication around indoor space rules before this time and the apparent nest building of our Marsh Harriers near the boardwalk to the main hides.
  • Masks remain required in place for all in the building at all times unless exempt.

Updates will be posted here when they become available.