Cley NWT Hides & Visitor Centre

Bishop’s and Babcock Hides are now open 24hrs a day to allow visitors in during the quieter morning and evening times.

The doors and flaps will be fixed open to minimise points of contact and the capacity will be limited to 6 (likely to change on 21st June) in line with the rules at other NWT sites

The boardwalk and central hides will remain closed due to Marsh Harriers nesting in the reedbed nearby. This will be monitored and they will re-open as soon as it is safe to do so.

The Visitor Centre is now open between 10am and 5pm daily and inside seating for the café is avilable. Tables will seat up to 6 (but only have 4 chairs as standard – more available on demand). Service will be at the table. There are 3 tables and 3 window benches. Takeaway will still be available.

The gallery is hosting exhibitions.

Cley Spy at the Visitor Centre is open 5 days a week, Wednesday to Sunday 10am-3pm.

No further news on when car park charging at the Visitor Centre will begin, they are waiting for the machines to be installed.