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AuthorTopic: The Next Newsletter
Tom Green The Next Newsletterposted at 02/02/2015 23:32:41

What I had feared as being rather a short next (March) Newsletter after the bumper 100th is filling up nicely, with regulars expected and some interesting unsolicited items which, I believe confirms the status of the club and the Newsletter. Please help chase up any advertisers you might know or be aware of

Expect to see most or all of the following mix of Bird News, serious and light-hearted articles!

Cley Bird News
Best of the Rest
2014 Freshes Breeding Report
News from the Point
'Cley Eye' - Reserve news, the new centre, low-flying, events
2015 Update and Review of post surge action and the future for the reserves
An interesting article on the considerable legacy of past and present Gresham's ornithologists.
A Comment on our role as educators
Reflections and a poem from one of the 'old guard'
Survey Work by CBC
Media watch - 2 members taking BBC 'to task'

While the days are still short get thinking about what you could write for a future edition, please!  or even just ideas

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