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Jonathan Anderson Hybrid posted at 15/12/2014 19:23:49

Good Evening, I was at Cley NWT Reserve and from the Bishops Hide there was a Hybrid duck. It was a Mallard/Wigeon (I think) but it looked out of place. Any id as to what this species is as I can't find it in the Bird books.

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David & Pat Wileman Re: Hybrid posted at 17/12/2014 14:13:25
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The only odd duck we know about which has been seen recently is an odd Wigeon with a lot of white on the head - see attached pictures.  The only other oddity which has been seen this winter is a White-cheeked Pintail (also known as Bahama Pintail) -poor picture attached but you should find this in any good 'duck' book.  Failing this we can't help unless you have a picture or can describe it.

Tom Green Re: Re: Hybrid posted at 24/12/2014 10:39:57

A pair of Bahama Pintail were among the 20+ species Blakeney 'duck pond' collection before the fencing was overtopped and damaged during 2013 surge.
Some species were killed, some rescued and others repatriated to other collections.  It is perhaps surprising that more 'escapes' have not turned up elsewhere...or have they?!

Jonathan Anderson Re: Re: Re: Hybrid posted at 31/12/2014 10:22:04

It is the White Wigeon I saw when last at Cley.

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