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AuthorTopic: Colour-ringed Twite.
Noel Elms Colour-ringed Twite.posted at 08/11/2014 19:25:05

Recent reports of significant numbers of Twite in the Cley Square and beyond prompt an appeal for observers to examine the birds closely for colour-rings.

The South Pennines contain the last breeding stronghold in England of the endemic ssp. pipilans, which is now down to about 100 pairs, and a new colour-ringing project to monitor these birds started earlier this year. Previous colour-ringing of the birds in this small but important population showed they winter (October to March) on the North Sea coasts between the Wash and the Thames so it is hoped the birds ringed in 2014 on their breeding grounds will do the same.

The 2014 colour-combinations consist of a plain colour over a BTO metal ring on the left leg and two plain colour rings on the right. The colours used are Black(N), White(W), Pale Blue(P), Blue(B), Green(G), Orange(O), Yellow(Y), and Red(R).

Would observers of Twite fitted with any combination of the above colours please submit their sightings to either Steve Christmas or Jamie Dunning at: se.christmas@ntlworld.com   or    jamiedunning8@gmail.com   and copied to cbcrecords@talktalk.net

Either Steve or Jamie will be more than happy to provide further information or answer any questions you may have.

Noel Elms Re: Colour-ringed Twite.posted at 12/11/2014 08:48:57

Keen-eyed observers have already received feed back after reporting their sightings. Although none of the reports came from the Cley Square, it may be especially interesting to note that one of the re-sighted birds was from the even smaller Welsh breeding population in Snowdonia.

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