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AuthorTopic: Peter Gooden - Condolences and Memories
David & Pat Wileman Peter Gooden - Condolences and Memoriesposted at 10/10/2014 19:32:03

For many years Peter ran the Cley Bird Club doing most of the jobs that are currently done by the committee.  Members who joined the club before 2009 will remember his personal handwritten welcome letters.

For many members he will be remembered for his 'Snippets' which have graced the pages of the newsletter for several years now.

We're sure many members will have their own memories of Peter and we hope you will share them here.

Noel Elms Re: Peter Gooden - Condolences and Memoriesposted at 14/10/2014 18:22:52

As a relatively new member of Cley Bird Club, I never met Peter Gooden and have to rely on hearsay for exactly what contribution he made to the Club's continuance.

I get the impression that the length of his 'Snippets' column may not have met with everyone's approval and while his overall contribution to ornithology may not merit a building to be erected in his memory, I feel it would be sad if his passing was without comment. 

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