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AuthorTopic: Low-flying aircraft over NWT Cley Reserve.
Noel Elms Low-flying aircraft over NWT Cley Reserve.posted at 07/10/2014 19:27:51

The following has today been posted in the Norfolk Birding pages on Birdforum by Steve Gantlett:-

"Richard Kelham of Cley Parish Council has begun a petition to extend the current no-fly zone over Blakeney Point NNR to cover the whole of the Cley NWT Reserve. The proposal is that aircraft - especially but not exclusively rotary-winged - would be banned from flying over the reserve at less than 500 feet altitude. This seems a long-overdue good idea to me. Copies of the petition are available for signing in Cley High Street at the Pinkfoot Gallery and Made in Cley, and also at Holt Bookshop. Anyone disturbed by unnecessary low flying over the reserve is urged please to sign the petition to protect both the birds and aircrew".

My opposition to the lunacy of any form of low flying over or near populated areas has been expressed more than once on this forum and I too would urge anyone sharing this view to make the effort and sign the petition.

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