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AuthorTopic: Nuthatches
Tom Green Nuthatchesposted at 13/10/2012 08:39:17

What a delight to have Nuthatches on our feeders this week. First since we moved to Blakeney in 11/10. We have heard of two other 'unexpected local sightings over last 2 wks, namely 2 on feeder at Friary Farm Blakeney and 2 at The Butts (Saxlingham Rd Blakeney)  All within a mile of each other. Has anyone else noticed increase?

David & Pat Wileman Re: Nuthatchesposted at 15/10/2012 14:35:05

Two were seen coming to feeders in gardens in Langham during June - August with one being seen during September.  These are quite an unusual bird for the Square so can anyone seeing them PLEASE SUBMIT the sightings (you don't have to give the address of your garden) so we can then see if the distribution of these is greater than we thought.  If you go to 'Search Sightings' under the 'Bird Records' tab and enter Nuthatch, you will get a list of all recorded so far this year.

Michael Sweeney Re: Nuthatchesposted at 15/10/2012 19:48:03

Nuthatch on seed feeder in my garden in Langham yesterday and today in morning- this is a garden first for me, though as Pat and Daid point out, they have been in Langham on occasion this year. Before that the nearest I had seen them was Glandford (Natural Surroundings) and Swanton Novers, both of which have a lot of large trees, whereas the coastal fringe is much more open.

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