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AuthorTopic: Volunteering at Cley
Tom Green Volunteering at Cleyposted at 16/12/2013 15:53:05

Having done all their assessments the NWT are now actively seeking clear-up volunteers. Helpers will be welcome at the Centre at 10.00 on thursday or friday THIS Week (with boots and heavy duty gloves if you have them)

David & Pat Wileman Re: Volunteering at Cleyposted at 16/12/2013 17:21:38

The following is a copy the email received from Lynette Dear (Senior Reserves Officer, NWT), requesting volunteers.


"NWT Cley and Salthouse – clean-up operation

Thank you for your kind offer of help following the recent storm and surge tide.  An assessment has been completed and we are now in a position to make a start on clearing paths and one of the hides.  Staff parties will be on site later this week completing the heavier work that is required.  Please could you pass on this information to members of Cley Bird Club who may like to assist.

If you or other Cley Bird Club members are available to lend NWT a hand on Thursday 19th and/or Friday 20th December, please make yourself known at Cley Marshes visitor centre at 10am and ask for Bernard Bishop or Rebecca Banks.  We suggest warm, ideally waterproof clothing, wellington boots and heavy duty gloves if you have them – otherwise PPE (personal protection equipment) will be issued as required.  The work primarily will involve clearing debris, general repairs and assisting NWT staff as required.

Please confirm your attendance prior to the day at Cley Marshes visitor centre - 01263 740008."

David & Pat Wileman More informationposted at 17/12/2013 21:01:03

We met up with a very busy Bernard and Jonathan this morning at Cley and can give some more information about the Clean-up operations on Thursday and Friday.

NWT are looking for volunteers to help both in the mornings and afternoons. People are welcome to stay as long as they want to or are able to. Janine promises to have some warm tasty soup and bread available for the volunteers at lunch time. The main aim is to get Bishop’s Hide open for the Xmas period. As well as heavy duty gloves it would be helpful if volunteers could also bring garden tools with them to help clear paths of reed and other debris (NWT only have a limited number of gloves and tools). We mainly used forks and rakes but also spades when a group of us cleared the footpath parallel to the main road on Monday 9th.

If you are willing and able to help please remember to phone Cley Visitor Centre 01263 740008 beforehand and let them know.

David & Pat Wileman Friday's Session CANCELLEDposted at 19/12/2013 17:23:14

Following a superb turnout today, all jobs that can currently be carried out by volunteers have been completed so the session planned for tomorrow (Friday) has been cancelled.  Thanks to all who took part.

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