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AuthorTopic: Flooding update
Chris Abrams Flooding updateposted at 15/12/2013 13:47:40

First the Good News.  Almost all the storm water has gone through the sluice and the Cley Reserve should be able to bounce back as it has after previous inundations.  While the Cley Reserve remains closed, the Centre is open as usual and target winter wildfowl species in very good numbers can be easily 'scoped from the adjacent Grassy Knoll. A large amount of repair work will need to be done, and we understand that the Reserve  will remain closed till safe access can be guaranteed once further clearance work can be done. NWT are aware that we have members very willing to be invited to help where possible, as and when invited.
East bank and the beach road remain closed while engineering work has been started on the damaged bank near the Beach Road sluices. The Beach Car Park is under deep shingle but the half-buried 'sea-watch shelter' stood firm! Visit the NWT website for further information on the situation.
The Blakeney Freshes are still alive with birds and viewable from the top of Friary Hills but the area is now a giant seawater lake since the water which came through the many breeches in the coast path defences is unable to exit quickly through the limited sluices. Big tides are anticipated again at the beginning of January.  Look out for a range of blog reports and websites such as National Trust. Some habitat and  the infrastructure of the Blakeney Point has been damaged but the seal colony and shingle and dune complex is mostly intact.
Please continue to send in bird records for areas you can get to, particularly as these will contribute to an important record of impact in terms of the immediate and longer term effect of the tidal surge. Similarly, if you have  information on any aspect of this event, please join the Forum debate or report it so that members can be informed through the website and the March CBC Newsletter."

David & Pat Wileman Latest Update 23rd Decemberposted at 23/12/2013 13:34:05

Following a lot of work done by NWT staff and volunteers over the last couple of weeks, we can now report that parts of the Cley reserve are re-opening.

The path between the Visitor Centre and E Bank car-park is clear and open.
BISHOP'S HIDE has been repaired and cleaned, the path out to it is clear and it is now OPEN. As usual, entry is free to NWT members but a reduced admission fee is being charged for non-members.

West Bank has been repaired by contractors for the Environment Agency and it and Beach Road are now open.  Beach car-park is still under deep shingle but there is room to turn there now. 

The bridge over the Catchwater Drain (near the Coast Road, W of the Visitor Centre) was washed onto the road during the flood.  Work is taking place today to try and replace it so we will have to wait to see if this is successful.

East Bank remains closed by the Environment Agency because of large hummocks of reed on it, but it is hoped this can be re-opened early in the new year.

The water is receding on Blakeney Freshmarsh but a lot of waders and ducks are still to be found there, viewable from Friary Hills.

There are two breaches in the shingle bank between Salthouse and Cley and these are allowing water in at the top of every tide with the result that a lot of Salthouse Marshes and Pope's Marsh are getting regular tidal flooding.  The Iron Road (where the bridge over the Main Drain has been displaced) and also the northern end of Beach Road at Salthouse are also regularly under water.  Beach car-park at Salthouse is buried under many feet of shingle.

Blakeney Point suffered damage but the good news there is that the Seal colony survived and boat trips are running out to see the seals as normal.

If anyone else can add an update for other areas along the coast either in or outside the Square please add a reply to this.

Noel Elms Re: Latest Update 23rd Decemberposted at 24/12/2013 17:25:09

Although I did not risk it myself this morning, 24th December, I have it on reliable authority (MH) that it is possible to walk the whole length of Cley West Bank though the repaired sections are are very slippery and require care. Limited parking space available on the shingle at the Coastguards though the overflow car park appeared to be solid ground.

Again, I did not try it out but the footbridge over the Catchwater Drain opposite Old Woman's Lane has been lifted back into its former position and is presumably safe to use.

Driving past the Iron Road this morning, I noted that the footbridge spanning the Main Drain has not yet been replaced in its former position.

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