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AuthorTopic: Ringed Turnstones.
Noel Elms Ringed Turnstones.posted at 03/12/2013 19:37:40
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A concerted effort by local enthusiasts in reading ring numbers in the field has established that two of the Turnstone flock currently to be found in the Salthouse Beach car park area are carrying metal rings fitted at a coastal ringing station in southern Sweden. Both were ringed as 1st-winter birds almost certainly on autumn passage, one in 2007 and the other in 2013.

The bird ringed in 2007 was re-trapped at the ringing site again on passage almost 12 months later and was subsequently proven to spend the 2012/2013 winter at Salthouse. The fact that Turnstones can be site-faithful winter visitors is not exactly new  but I am comforted when it is proven from time to time. The fact that both birds were ringed early in their first winter suggests that neither had visited Salthouse before and further suggests there is a regular interchange between Salthouse and the remote northern breeding grounds of these birds. 

I am aware of an unconfirmed report of a third ringed bird in the Salthouse flock, this time with a ring fitted above the tibia or 'knee' which suggests it could be a BTO-ringed bird. I would be pleased to hear if any one can confirm the presence or ring number of such a bird and if they care to contact me via this forum, I will do my best to obtain the ringing details. Full histories of both the birds currently identified at Salthouse will be available on the CBC monthly marked-bird updates.

Attached is just one of a number of photographic images taken by John Miller in order to establish the identity of 4595522, the bird ringed in 2007.

Noel Elms.

Noel Elms Re: Ringed Turnstones.posted at 04/12/2013 16:46:07

My thanks to David Wileman for tactfully drawing my attention to an error in my interpretation of the Swedish ringing scheme's convention for showing ringing/recovery dates.The the bird I stated as ringed in 2007 was in fact ringed in 2012 and I offer sincere apologies for the error which is mine alone.

Noel Elms - with a red face.

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