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AuthorTopic: Seals on Blakeney Point
Chris Abrams Seals on Blakeney Pointposted at 24/12/2012 11:27:10

This article by Richard from British Birds' website on the record number of seals this year provides a great degree of Christmas cheer on a very wet and gloomy Christmas Eve! Enjoy!


Happy Christmas!


Noel Elms Re: Seals on Blakeney Pointposted at 24/12/2012 17:49:20

Thanks Chris for the link and the Seasonal Greetings.

If anyone missed Countryfile on BBC1 TV broadcast on 16th December which featured the seals on Blakeney Point among other Norfolk delights such as Pink-feet and the inside of Bernard Bishop's shed, I still have the programme on my recorder hard disk. I assume it would not be illegal to share this recording via a download to a USB storage device and if those interested care to contact me via noelelms@gmail.com, I would be delighted to arrange it.

Best wishes.


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