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AuthorTopic: MAMMALS 2020
David & Pat Wileman MAMMALS 2020posted at 07/01/2020 12:44:40

Unfortunately we are unable to allow mammals to be added on the bird news page so as quite a few entries were made in the thread we opened for Mammals in previous years we have now created a new one for 2020.

To enter a new sighting scroll to the bottom of this thread then click on 'REPLY'.  In the Topic please enter the species and also the date then in the message give details such as numbers seen, where it/they were seen and any other interesting information.  If you are passing on someone else's sighting please give their name.  Photos can be attached to the reply once submitted by clicking on the photo icon.

Any entries posted here will be passed to the County Recorder.

Tony Parsons Re: MAMMALS 2020posted at 20/01/2020 18:52:36

2 Brown Hares Eye Field Cley on Jan 10

1 Brown Hare Eye Field Cley on Jan 20

Steve Hale Re: MAMMALS 2020posted at 19/02/2020 19:16:33
Brown Hare (Steve Hale) (173687 bytes)

3 Brown Hare at Kelling WM 19/2/20

David Fell Re: MAMMALS 2020posted at 21/03/2020 12:17:24

20 March 12.45 12 RED DEER  (1 stag 11 hinds) Kelling Heath.

Kath & Mick Claydon 21 Marchposted at 21/03/2020 14:48:18

BROWN HARE  3 by crossroads NE Langham

Michael Harcup Re: 21 Marchposted at 21/03/2020 18:54:13

3 in field South of North Foreland Wood late pm

Sean Dempster BROWN HAREposted at 26/03/2020 15:59:31

19 in a field to west of Pinfold Hill in late afternoon sun along with 3 Roe Deer and 2 Muntjac

Seán Dempster 24/03/20

Michael Harcup 26 MARCHposted at 26/03/2020 18:53:16

Feeding on Cley Marshes late pm

David & Pat Wileman 26 MARCHposted at 26/03/2020 19:46:37

At least 4 HARES between Iron Rd and Arnold's this morning including 2 boxing on Wigeon Marsh - the first time I've actually seen this!

Tom Green Re: 26 MARCHposted at 27/03/2020 00:03:09

Less people around equals more mammals. Nice
Chinese Water Deer randomly and skittishly charging around the Blakeney Freshes south of the main reedbed at sunset.
Lapwings were upset and stooped at it several times.

PS for any insect watchers. At least three Bee Flies sipping nectar in our Blakeney garden + 1 Red Admiral and a Peacock Butterfly

Kath & Mick Claydon 27 MARCHposted at 27/03/2020 21:25:14

ROE BUCK (still in velvet) along Morston-Langham road.

Michael Harcup Re: 29 MARCHposted at 29/03/2020 20:17:05

One on the Cley Marshes viewed from the Skirts footpath at 16:00

David & Pat Wileman 2-4 April Hares in Langham.posted at 04/04/2020 21:16:57

Lots of hares seen on our early morning 'exercise' walks around Langham.  3 SW of village on the 2nd, 19 SE of village on the 3rd and 8 NW of village on the 4th.

Steve Gantlett Re: MAMMALS 2020posted at 23/04/2020 19:13:32

c25 around Langham, including 17 in one field on the west side of the Morston road

David Fell Re: 29 April 2020posted at 30/04/2020 15:04:49

Muntjac in private garden Wiveton

David & Pat Wileman Muntjac 7 May 2020posted at 07/05/2020 19:41:20

Muntjac in our garden at c.7am this morning feeding on bird seed on ground and the remaining apple skins that the Blackbirds hadn't finished.

Kath & Mick Claydon Weasel 6 June 2020posted at 06/06/2020 14:58:00

WEASEL  crossed A149 northwards, just E of Iron Road.

David Fell Re: 9 June 2020posted at 09/06/2020 20:37:14

Muntjac in Wiveton garden.

Michael Harcup 13th June 2020posted at 14/06/2020 12:34:13

Cley marshes by pond dipping platform late afternoon.

David Fell Re: 13th June 2020posted at 14/06/2020 21:22:22

Weasel ran across back road between Wiveton and Blakeney.

David Fell Re: 14th June 2020posted at 14/06/2020 21:23:37

Muntjac barking in wood Nat. Surroundings

David Fell Re 17th June 2020posted at 17/06/2020 20:32:30

Roe Deer ran down road side before turn off for Bridgefoot Lane. Also there a Muntjac (4.25 am)

David Fell Re: 23rd June 2020posted at 23/06/2020 19:09:41

Hedgehog in private garden Wiveton also Muntjac in plantation.

David Fell Re: 25 June 2020posted at 25/06/2020 20:46:00

Muntjac in Wiveton garden

Michael Harcup 26 June 2020posted at 27/06/2020 17:19:52

20:30 R.Glaven just south of the sluice/bridge over A149.Slowly moved upstream.

David Fell Re: 30 June 2020posted at 03/07/2020 09:30:17

3 Muntjac 2 barking and a fawn seen hiding in flower bed Wiveton garden

David Fell Re: 2 July 2020posted at 03/07/2020 09:31:34

Muntjac Wiveton garden

David Fell Re: 15 July 2020posted at 25/07/2020 09:24:31

Harbour Porpoise travelling west, seen from Cley beach during sea watch. Reported to Carl Chapman.

Nigel Young Re: MAMMALS 2020posted at 30/07/2020 22:18:18

Otter X 1 30th July Don’s Pool East bank Cley at approx 12.30 today.
Frightened 2 little grebe and 5 mallards in the pool!
Nigel and Sarah Young

Steve Hale Brown Hare 10.8.20posted at 10/08/2020 21:23:31
Brown Hare (1 of 5) 18.3.19 at Kelling WM (Steve Hale) (221767 bytes)   (Steve Hale) (221767 bytes)   (Steve Hale) (221767 bytes) Brown Hare (1 of 5) 18.3.19 at Kelling WM (Steve Hale) (221767 bytes)

5 present around Kelling WM this evening

David Fell Re: 12 August 2020posted at 12/08/2020 20:55:16

A rather strange record. At Kelling WM a Grey Squirrel ran up the shingle bank towards the sea chased by 2 Rooks and a male Kestrel. Outcome unknown as the squirrel disappeared over the ridge. The nearest trees and hedges are some distance away.

David Fell Re: 13 August 2020posted at 13/08/2020 20:02:10

A Bank Vole and a Common Frog in Wiveton garden.

Nigel Young Brown haresposted at 15/08/2020 21:10:06

1 seen to the left of the path along the East Bank, Cley just before the beach at approx 17.30 then 2 seen on Arnold’s Marsh 17.40.

David & Pat Wileman Fox 2 Septposted at 06/09/2020 15:07:00

1 Fox jumping around N side of Simmond's at c.7am - watched from Visitor Centre

Michael Harcup 7th Septemberposted at 08/09/2020 18:02:57

On Popes Marsh just south of main drain and running west at 18:10.

David Fell Re: 2 Octoberposted at 02/10/2020 19:27:34

Weasel with kill seen on the shingle before disappearing into the grass between Gramborough Hill and Beach Road Salthouse.

Peter & Sue Morrison 17 Octoberposted at 17/10/2020 16:19:23

Red Deer bellowing (rutting) near Kelling Triangle at 6:45 am

David Fell Re: 20 Octoberposted at 21/10/2020 11:28:56

Stoat ran across road on Leatherpool Lane, Wiveton.

David Fell Re: 5 Novemberposted at 06/11/2020 19:26:47

Muntjac through Wiveton garden and a Stoat dead on road near Sewage Works.

David Fell Re:6 Novemberposted at 06/11/2020 19:28:29

Chinese Water Deer ran across field (south of Eye Field) and into reeds.

David Fell Re: 12 Novemberposted at 15/11/2020 19:07:18

Baby Hedgehog unfortunately newly dead in Wiveton garden.

Steve Gantlett No Hedgehogsposted at 20/11/2020 15:52:25

Unfortunately we seem to have lost our Hedgehogs here at Sea Lawn. In recent years we've fed up to 3 or 4 each late autumn, but this autumn not a one. Anyone else got them hereabouts, eg on Hilltop?

Michael Harcup 21 st NOVEMBERposted at 21/11/2020 17:49:33

Five of the little horrors on Cley garden bird feeders this morning.

David Fell Re: 19 NOVEMBERposted at 24/11/2020 16:36:48

Pygmy Shrew watched for several minutes as it tried to find refuge after the grass was mowed in Wiveton garden.

Michael Harcup 25 th NOVEMBERposted at 25/11/2020 12:11:15

Six in Cley garden this morning.

Steve Gantlett Re: 25 th NOVEMBERposted at 29/11/2020 16:49:35

You must have ours! Thank you!

David Fell Re: 28 th DECEMBERposted at 30/12/2020 21:33:33

  5 ROE DEER ran across a field off Holt Road near the turn off for Salthouse Heath.

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