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AuthorTopic: More on illegal hunting in Malta
Chris Abrams More on illegal hunting in Maltaposted at 20/04/2017 17:35:18

You may know that a Chris Packham has bravely been taking on the Maltese bird hunters. As a result he ended up in court charged, falsely, of assault. Today he was freed without charge as you can read here:


That such senseless slaughter, which the EU knows all about, is permitted, indeed supported by a police force who are clearly biased towards the hunters is a truly deplorable state of affairs. I urge all of you who may be horrified by this to support Chris by writing to your MEPs which you can do using the following link:


Thank you so much on behalf of all those birds struggling to return to us. It would be good if you could kindly share here any replies you receive.


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