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AuthorTopic: The 'Yankee'
Geof Douglas The 'Yankee'posted at 17/04/2016 16:25:47

The latest Newsletter on the 'Yankee' brought back my own favorite memory of this historic perch. In I believe 1960, I had walked out to The Point with Giles Dunmore, Mick Goodman and the late lamented Richard Richardson. Perched on the Yankee was a Woodchat Shrike, my first ever. To this day, I still have (somewhere) a matchbox containing the remains of a pellet coughed up by the shrike.

Maybe an article on Best Birds on the Yankee?

Tom Green Re: The 'Yankee'posted at 18/04/2016 22:40:11

Thanks Geof for your 'post'  Hopefully others will have read it. Yes please...always happy to have such memories for the Newsletter. Can you add a bit more information and send to me at tomqgreen@yahoo.co.uk ? I'm seeing Giles in the next few days and will also ask for his memory of it!

My first Norfolk Woodchat was as we landed near this spot from a sailing dinghy but without my binoculars.

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