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AuthorTopic: Articles for the CBC website.
Noel Elms Articles for the CBC website.posted at 16/10/2012 12:40:35

May I echo the plea for more of you to share your experiences of the birding delights, or otherwise, to be had in the Cley Square.While I have been happy to provide material to get the ball rolling, my embarrassment and loneliness will only grow unless you join me.

Chris Wheeler Re: Articles for the CBC website.posted at 17/10/2012 14:03:17
Common Buzzard, Friary Hills, 9th October (Chris Wheeler) (38363 bytes) possibe mergansers? (Stewart Reynolds) (107181 bytes)

I thought that I had a welcome birthday present when I was at Friary Hills recently and I saw what I thought was a Rough-legged Buzzard over the Fresh Marsh. It was October 9th and a trifle early for a Rough-legged but it looked just like one in the distance. The upper-side showed a creamy head extending down to the shoulders, paler wing coverts with darker primaries and a large white area at the base of the tail. The under-parts looked typical Rough-legged - see photo on photo page, However - disappointment - it was a Common Buzzard, probably a juvenile with the pale tips to the tail feathers. The proportions were not quite right for Rough-legged and although the tail had a large white area at the base it was not a white tail with a dark terminal band. On the bird's underside there was a dark area under the chin and the dark 'belly' patch was more to the flanks. However if I had only a distant view I might have arrived at the wrong conclusion. Not wishing to doubt others I did wonder if the few records of a Rough-legged Buzzard in Norfolk in early October might have referred to this bird wandering around.

Stewart Reynolds Re: Re: Articles for the CBC website.posted at 20/11/2012 08:22:53
mergansers? (Stewart Reynolds) (48235 bytes) red brested mergansers? (Stewart Reynolds) (107181 bytes)

Hi thought i would join the forum with my first post with some birds seen on Monday 19th November  over the sea at Cley   i have a limited knowledge of birds at sea but i believe these to be Red-brested Merganser  seen just before 9.00am   but im happy to be proved wrong . I enclose some poor pictures im afraid but after studying my bird books and also noticing that 20 Mergansers where seen further up the coast  yesterday  im hoping that someone will confirm or deny please so i can add them to the records on here  Regards Stewart

Stewart Reynolds Re: Re: Articles for the CBC website.posted at 20/11/2012 08:28:25

Chris  aologies i appear by error to have added some ducks to your buzzard please delete  regards Stewart

Chris Wheeler Re: Re: Re: Articles for the CBC website.posted at 21/11/2012 15:16:50

Stewart not to worry, I do not know how to delete it anyway. Your birds were indeed Red-breasted Mergansers. Digital photos are so useful in confirming identification as I found a few weeks ago when Brent Geese were arriving over the sea. A very distant flock near the horizon which I could only just see through my bins were identified by Richard Porter through his scope as Pale-bellied Brents so I took a quick photo with a 300mm lens and was surprised to find that the result, although fuzzy, even at that range did confirm the I D.

Stewart Reynolds Re: Re: Re: Re: Articles for the CBC website.posted at 21/11/2012 15:35:05

Chris. Many thanks for replying and comfirming  the birds  by the way nice pic of the buzzard   Regards Stewart

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