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AuthorTopic: Bees or Bee-flies?
Tom Green Bees or Bee-flies?posted at 18/04/2015 11:54:41

Have greatly enjoyed watching good numbers of Bee-flies going from flower to flower over recent weeks in Blakeney, as well as a few Bumbles sp. and 'honey' bees
Which of the following might be true?
There are more Bee-flies around these days/decades.
I simply haven't noticed them before
Bee-flies are filling a the niche left by fewer honey bees

Help, I need to give the grand-children the correct answers to their endless questions!

Kath & Mick Claydon Re: Bees or Bee-flies?posted at 21/04/2015 15:59:21

If you haven't already got your answer, try posting your question on the Norfolk Wildlife Facebook Group.  It's a very useful group as many experts and enthusiasts take part.  You need to be "invited" to join the Group but it's just a one-click formality.

I saw lots of Bee Flies early this year but like you wonder whether it's just that I noticed a few when not much else was around and then became more tuned-in to their presence.

Tom Green Re: Re: Bees or Bee-flies?posted at 30/04/2015 13:59:40

Thanks Kath and Mike for the Facebook Group suggestion.  In the past (when mainly in Norwich) quite a few friends came up the with wrong ID of Bee-flies as Hummingbird Hawk Moths, although we had both from time to time.  What I am pretty sure about is that the numbers of Bee-flies IS greater this year, possibly noticed as our garden is greatly improved for Spring flowers and of course, the unseasonably sunny conditions.

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