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Noel Elms Caliology.posted at 04/03/2015 17:29:00

Yes I too had to look up the meaning and if anyone else is interested in finding out more, they may care to click on the link below and all will be revealed:-


Avian breeding biology has long been an interest and back in the 70s, I set up a project using nest boxes to study, among other features, nest lining material. Not surprisingly the majority of the nest cups contained the usual grasses, moss, animal hair and feathers. Perhaps the most bizarre material encountered was narrow strips of aluminium foil which had been incorporated in the lining of the nests of a small number of Blue Tits and Great Tits.

The study site was located in a military training area and the foil, known in military parlance as 'window or chaff' had no doubt been released from aircraft in order to disrupt radar communication.

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