Cley Bird Club Records

CBC records for Spoonbill, at Cley Marshes, from 28 July 2020 until 01 August 2020, recorded by all observers. Records marked with '*' may be duplicates.

Species Site Date Count Notes Observers
Spoonbill Cley Marshes 28/07/2020 Teaspoon, Patís  Graham Fellows 
Spoonbill Cley Marshes 29/07/2020 Pats David Fell 
*Spoonbill Cley Marshes 29/07/2020 12 1 on Pat's Pool then 11 west together at 18.30, having only just flown east Steve Gantlett 
Spoonbill Cley Marshes 30/07/2020 on Pat's Pool Steve Gantlett 
Spoonbill Cley Marshes 31/07/2020 juvenile on Arnold's Marsh Steve Gantlett 
Spoonbill Cley Marshes 01/08/2020 juvenile on Pat's Pool Steve Gantlett