Cley Bird Club Records

CBC records for Red Kite, at Blakeney, from 22 March 2020 until 26 March 2020, recorded by all observers. Records marked with '*' may be duplicates.

Species Site Date Count Notes Observers
Red Kite Blakeney 23/03/2020 This bird has been around the western edge of the village for several days, as have 3 Buzzards seen dropping in high from the north west. One Sparrow Hawk lazily circling at some altitude. The least frequent or numerous bird of the hour was a single Pied Wagtail. Still waiting for the first Spring migrant although Chiffchaff was seen in a nearby garden last week. However, quite pleased with 24 species in the hour. Looking forward to another isolated hour tomorrow + what I understand is the allowable 'one occasion of solo or two householder exercise away from home' Tom Green