Cley Bird Club Records

CBC records for Caspian Gull, at Cley Marshes, from 10 January 2020 until 14 January 2020, recorded by all observers. Records marked with '*' may be duplicates.

Species Site Date Count Notes Observers
Caspian Gull Cley Marshes 10/01/2020 Usual 2nd Win in early loafing around giving itself up for all, before being churned off. Second bird, much debate. Advanced 2nd Win?? So Nr Ad best conclusion. Graham Fellows 
Caspian Gull Cley Marshes 11/01/2020 Regular, of late, 2nd Win on Simmond’s much to the appreciation of all ‘Bird Race’ Team’s. What a star. Graham Fellows 
Caspian Gull Cley Marshes 13/01/2020 Usual 2nd Win in early again. What a cracker . 2 off 1st Win later. Not the usual 1st Win that has been regular lately though.  Graham Fellows 
Caspian Gull Cley Marshes 14/01/2020 Regular 2nd Win in early once again. 1st Win and finally a Nr Ad later. A real treat. Graham Fellows 
Caspian Gull Cley Marshes 15/01/2020 2nd Win in a little later today to a very expectant audience, although played hide ’n seek for some for a time, in with the big boys. Graham Fellows