Submitting Records

Monitoring the status of birds in the Cley Square is one of the major functions of the CBC. A knowledge of current and past bird occurrences is essential for decision making in both development and conservation.

To this end, the CBC asks all birdwatchers to submit records of the birds they see within the Square. Guidelines for what sightings to submit and how to submit them can be found from the menu links on the left.

Posting records on this website

In recent years we have asked for records to be submitted on a monthly basis by email on Excel spreadsheets, in Word or note form.  For those without computers they can be submitted on paper by post.  Records in these forms are still welcome.

With the advent of this website, it is now also possible to submit records directly to this site and share them with others immediately on the 'Bird News' page.

It is intended that people will post the records from their visits to this site as soon as possible as the more recent the information, the more interesting it will be to other birdwatchers. This 'post immediately' approach also means that you don't have the chore of preparing a long list of records for submission at some later date.

All records posted to this site are held in a central database and will be automatically available to the recorders exactly as if you had sent them in by email or on paper. There is no need to submit records that you have posted on this website to us or the County Recorders (unless it is a description of a rarity), we will do that automatically each month. We also load all the consolidated records to BirdTrack each month but if you wish to keep all your personal records there you will still also need to enter them to BirdTrack directly.