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AuthorTopic: ASA Wright Centre
Chris Abrams ASA Wright Centreposted at 19/01/2021 11:21:53

Just learned today that, due to the pandemic and the resultant lack of tourist trade, the uniquely wonderful ASA Wright Centre in Trinidad is closing its doors for good. This is sad news indeed. I know many of you will have visited this amazing place and will regret itís demise as much as I do!

Chris Wheeler Re: ASA Wright Centreposted at 24/01/2021 16:49:14

Chris, I was very sorry to hear that the Centre was closing. With three friends we visited it during the day several times on a three week holiday to Trinidad and Tobago in 1978 and co-incidentally I am in the process of digitising my photos of that trip. I have  some superb flash photos of the Oil-birds in the cave as well as some sound recordings. I hope the conservation work will continue. We also visited the Grafton Estate on Tobago owned by Mrs Alefounder with the marvellous birds there especially coming to he feeders from her balcony. I learnt a couple of years later that she had made the wonderful house over to the Government to be run as a visiting centre and the estate was to remain a Reserve. I hope that still exists. Yours, Chris.

Chris Wheeler Re: ASA Wright Centreposted at 24/01/2021 16:49:15

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