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AuthorTopic: Illegal bird liming in Cyprus
Chris Abrams Illegal bird liming in Cyprusposted at 19/01/2021 11:18:13

I know Iím talking to the converted here but, as Iím sure you know, year tens of millions of migratory birds are illegally trapped and shot particularly in Mediterranean countries. These are 'our' birds!!! Little us done by law enforcement to stop this practice as they say itís part of their culture.  this doesnít make it right! We used to send children up chimneys and down mines! The tiny bodies are often turned into an illegal soup and sold to cruise ships from certain countries. There's little meat on them so a huge number are required to even make one meal.
Please help to stop the bird liming in Cyprus where they are relaxing their laws. Info can ve found at this link (in English further down the page) and, if you can spread the petition please, please help.


Many thanks to you all!

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