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AuthorTopic: Hedgerows in Cley
Andrew Clarke Hedgerows in Cleyposted at 06/10/2020 20:50:11

As many Cley residents will know, during lockdown in May substantial sections of a hedge in Cley parish were grubbed out and replaced with a wire fence.  All the relevant authorities were alerted, including North Norfolk District Council, Natural England, as well as the Norfolk Wildlife Trust and RSPB.  NNDC decided not to pursue the incident further as their inspector visited the site and was of the opinion that only brambles and other soft vegetation had been removed.

A number of us are hoping to push for a change to the Hedgerow Regulations so that brambles and other key species are added to the plants protected.  F anyone is interested in following this up, Mark Cocker has an excellent piece in The Guardian (see: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/oct/06/country-diary-wildlife-sustaining-bramble-hedges-need-our-protection).  By coincidence there is also a letter in the I newspaper for 6 October, arguing for just the change in legislation that are hoping to achieve.

Andy Clarke
Chair, North Norfolk Local Members Group of NWT

Tom Green Re: Hedgerows in Cleyposted at 07/11/2020 23:06:21

For those with access to the November issue of the Glaven Valley News, which reaches many hundreds of homes in the area, I have written a fairly detailed article on this subject to ensure that the subject reaches an audience beyond the birding community of CBC readers. A similar piece will appear in the winter edition of the CBC Newsletter.

Many thanks to Andy and others who have also been following up the incident. Hopefully the publicity will serve to remind landowners of the damage to wildlife which results from removing good habitat, particularly during the March to September period.

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