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AuthorTopic: MAMMALS 2019
David & Pat Wileman MAMMALS 2019posted at 28/02/2019 10:48:17

Unfortunately we are unable to allow mammals to be added on the bird news page so as quite a few entries were made in the thread we opened for Mammals in previous years we have now created a new one for 2019. 

To enter a new sighting scroll to the bottom of this thread then click on 'REPLY'.  In the Topic please enter the species and also the date then in the message give details such as numbers seen, where it/they were seen and any other interesting information.  If you are passing on someone else's sighting please give their name.  Photos can be attached to the reply once submitted by clicking on the photo icon.

Any entries posted here will be passed to the County Recorder.

Kath & Mick Claydon 25 February 2019posted at 02/03/2019 10:45:11

WEASEL 1 outside Daukes hide.

Kath & Mick Claydon 27 February 2019posted at 02/03/2019 10:48:34

STOAT  North end East Bank

Kath & Mick Claydon 1 March 2019posted at 02/03/2019 10:49:11

BROWN HARE  2 north side Langham village.

Steve Hale Re: MAMMALS 2019posted at 05/03/2019 11:26:00

2 Brown Hare on the Walsey Hills 9am.

David & Pat Wileman Catch Upposted at 06/03/2019 21:19:06

1 Jan - 2 watched for c.30 mins playing in saltmarsh W of W Bank S of Main Drain
28 Jan -  2 ran W across E Bank at c.08:00 in strong NW wind and high water levels on reserve.
15 Feb - 1 in Main Drain E of E Bank near cattle bridge
18 Feb -  1 walking W along Att Walk towards me mid morning, ran into Catchwater Drain by gate from road
MUNTJAC:  1 in our garden on 6 Feb
CHINESE WATER DEER:  1 Wigeon Marsh on 5 Jan & 1 Arnold's on 28 Feb.

Steve Hale Re: Catch Upposted at 08/03/2019 14:40:26

5 Brown Hare at Kelling WM 11am on 8/3/19

Walter Sadler Re: 21 Februaryposted at 09/03/2019 13:15:39

Chinese Water Deer - 1 in reedbed near Skirts Pool

Steve Hale Re: MAMMALS 2019posted at 18/03/2019 17:56:34
Brown Hare (1 of 5) 18.3.19 at Kelling WM (Steve Hale) (128057 bytes)

5 Brown Hare at Kelling WM 18.3.19

Kath & Mick Claydon 18 March 2019posted at 18/03/2019 19:01:56

BROWN HARE  8 in field to West of Wiveton Down.

David Fell Re: 10 March 2019posted at 18/03/2019 21:02:06

6 Roe Deer in field opposite junction of Holt Road and Bridgefoot Lane (south of old nursery)

Michael Harcup Re: 20 March 2019posted at 21/03/2019 17:23:21

Four in field north of Walsey Hills late afternoon.
One in same field as above.

Walter Sadler Re: 21 March 2019posted at 21/03/2019 18:26:41

2 Brown Hare Billy's Wash

David Fell Re: Re: 26 March 2019posted at 26/03/2019 18:55:30

Muntjac through Wiveton garden.

Michael Harcup 25 March 2019posted at 26/03/2019 19:14:06

11 north of Walsey Hills at 16:30.
3 in same field as the Red Deer.

David Fell Re: 29 March 2019posted at 29/03/2019 19:05:35

Kelling Heath 3 Muntjac (2 males 1 female)

David Fell Re: Re: 1 April 2019posted at 01/04/2019 21:35:57

Wiveton private garden 2 Muntjac and a Pygmy Shrew alive under a wooden panel.

Michael Harcup 17 April 2019posted at 17/04/2019 12:50:45

6 together south end of Eye Field.

David Fell Re: 22 April 2019posted at 22/04/2019 09:42:48

11 Brown Hares and a Roe Deer in fields around Salthouse Heath. 8 Muntjac Salthouse Heath. 5.30 - 6. 30 am.

David Fell Re: Re: 24April 2019posted at 25/04/2019 11:25:06

Dead Wood Mouse in Wiveton garden.

Kath & Mick Claydon 24 April 2019posted at 26/04/2019 17:54:55

WOODMOUSE on East Bank.

Kath & Mick Claydon 26 April 2019posted at 26/04/2019 17:56:22

STOAT  1 on Bull Marsh, Cley.

Michael Harcup Re: 26 April 2019posted at 26/04/2019 20:42:52

One south of Walsey Hills/NF Wood at 17:30

David Fell Re: Re: 28 April 2019posted at 28/04/2019 09:45:53

4 Brown Hares in field off Glandford Road about 400 yds past Sewage Works.  3 Brown Hares in fields around Salthouse Heath and a Muntjac barking Salthouse Heath.                       

David Fell Re: 29 April 2019posted at 29/04/2019 09:10:23

1 Brown Hare and 2 Muntjac in fields off Sewage Works road. 6 Brown hares in fields around Kelling WM.

Steve Hale Re: Re: 29 April 2019posted at 29/04/2019 14:46:06

6 Brown Hare at Kelling WM this morning

David Fell Re: 30 April 2019posted at 30/04/2019 17:07:05

1 Brown Hare (7.30 am) and 2 Muntjac (3.50 pm) crossed road Salthouse Heath.

Walter Sadler Re: 3 May 2019posted at 03/05/2019 20:42:13

1 Chinese Water Deer and 1 Brown Hare near Simmond's Scrape

Walter Sadler Re: 10 May 2019posted at 10/05/2019 21:18:08

Stoat - I near Simmond's Scrape

Peter & Sue Morrison 20 May 2019 During Webs Count 06.30 to 08.25posted at 20/05/2019 15:02:58

Ran across the north side of Arnold's Marsh towards Wigeon Marsh, crossing the wet areas with ease.

Peter & Sue Morrison 5 june '19posted at 05/06/2019 14:37:17

MUNTJAC DEER  Walking west along the shingle beach past the fence round the sitting Oystercatcher behind Arnold's about 08.20. The Oystercatcher did not get off the nest.

David Fell Re: 7 June '19posted at 07/06/2019 16:06:33

Not mammals but for the record 4 COMMON LIZARDS sunning along board walk to Daukes hide. I saw 2 but they were all found by David Davies reserve volunteer.

David Fell Re: 15 June '19posted at 15/06/2019 19:39:01

Brown Hares 4 Arnolds Marsh

David Fell Re:16 June '19posted at 18/06/2019 19:51:10

Non mammal - A single Common Lizard sunning along board walk to Hides.

David Fell Re: 26 June '19posted at 28/06/2019 10:30:39

Non mammal - 2 Common Lizards sunning on board walk.

Walter Sadler Re: 28 June '19posted at 30/06/2019 16:25:10

1 Brown Hare - Arnold's Marsh

David Fell Re: 30 July '19posted at 31/07/2019 21:33:40

Brown Hare (Leveret) and a Muntjac barking Salthouse Heath early motning.

David Fell Re:31 July '19posted at 31/07/2019 21:35:35

2 Roe Deer through private garden Wiveton,

David Fell Re: 1 August '19posted at 01/08/2019 11:11:49

Fox walked through grass on west side of Simmons at around 08.30. Seen and photographed by 2 visiting birders.

Kath & Mick Claydon 10 August '19posted at 11/08/2019 15:03:19

ROE KID northeast of Langham.

David Fell Re: 4 Sept '19posted at 05/09/2019 18:48:48

Reptile - 3 Common Lizards sunning along boardwalk to hides.

Graham Fellows Field Mouseposted at 22/09/2019 12:27:15

On several occasions between Tuesday and Thursday 17th-19th Sept a Field Mouse has been seen and photographed along the main boardwalk to the main hides. On one occasion three where seen but one was a real star and a delight to observe feeding on sow-thistle.

Steve Gantlett Re: Field Mouseposted at 22/09/2019 13:57:56

Oops. Harvest Mouse you mean :-) 3 together on 17th, but seem to have disappeared again now (not seen them the last two afternoons).

Kath & Mick Claydon Harvest Miceposted at 22/09/2019 20:06:31

I'd hazard a guess they were juveniles; they develop very quickly and have probably started to disperse now.  Which means I've lost the chance of seeing them!

David Fell Re: 21 Sept 2019posted at 23/09/2019 20:33:57

Reptile small almost tail-less Common Lizard along board walk to Daukes

Walter Sadler Re: 20 Sept 2019posted at 27/09/2019 21:22:08

1 Chinese Water Deer near Arnold's Marsh

Graham Fellows Bull Grey Seal dispersalposted at 08/10/2019 21:46:03

Not seen this before but may be regular at this time of year.

At least 30 Grey Seal bulls moving East close inshore in groups, 10, 8, 5, 4, and 3. Appeared to be looking all around and along the beach??

What’s this all about?

Graham Fellows Re: Re: Field Mouseposted at 08/10/2019 21:47:19

Doh! Senior moment.

Peter & Sue Morrison 24/10/2019posted at 24/10/2019 20:36:10

WEASEL  in the dense patch of Yellow Horned Poppies just west of North Scrape, Cley this morning.
CHINESE WATER DEER on grass meadow next to west side of North Scrape

David Fell Re: 24/10/2019posted at 26/10/2019 15:00:48

Muntjac feeding on lawn in private garden Wiveton

Kath & Mick Claydon Otterposted at 30/10/2019 14:10:40

OTTER in Main Drain/East Bank late morning

David Fell Re: 3 Novemberposted at 03/11/2019 15:07:13

OTTER in main drain very close to East Bank seen well by visiting birders. My wife and I only saw bubbles as it disappeared.

Graham Fellows Re: Re: 4 Novemberposted at 07/11/2019 12:50:21

Large Cetacean distant past Cley. Took hour and half to get from off East Bank to off Beach Hotel. At least 6 sightings for me and others. Reported to probably be Humpback. Fantastic!

David Fell Re: 5 Novemberposted at 15/11/2019 16:09:48

6 Brown Hares (2 lots of 3) in Wiveton Hall fields

David Fell Re: 10 Novemberposted at 15/11/2019 16:11:14

1 Brown Hare in Wiveton Hall fields

David Fell Re: 10 Novemberposted at 15/11/2019 16:11:14

1 Brown Hare in Wiveton Hall fields

David Fell Re: 14 Novemberposted at 15/11/2019 16:13:29

Otter watched for c15 mins distantly along Main Drain from East Bank.

Michael Harcup 21 DECEMBERposted at 22/12/2019 17:23:54

One crossed Old Womans Lane,north end at 08:30

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